Colors of Flamingo

Creative Nonfiction piece published online at Paper Darts
For your first Occurrence, you’re told you must undress. The Human exits for a moment and will come back soon. One by one, you pull a feather through your mouth. Each feather loosens and falls from your flamingo body. Soon, the tile floor holds a heap of your old self. It almost looks like you: a pile of white shapes, yet false form."

Where Vultures Come From

Creative Nonfiction piece published in Flock 22's print issue and featured online.
He tells you he doesn’t feel anything for you. His violin ribcage holds a hollow song there. Your lungs fill with weight. The air smells of your almost two year friendship beginning to rot in his apartment."

Five Types of Horses

Fiction piece published by Paper Darts online and appears in the Volume 8 print issue. 
"I. Born.
Upon parental request, surgeons attach a fifth leg to your horse body. They sew it into your chest so that you have three front legs and two back legs. Your blood fuses and accepts the extra limb. It is invisible to the rest of the world but it is there. The God Leg, they call it."

Toothbrush Graveyward

Fiction piece published in The Gateway Review's print Volume 3 and selected for the "Editor's Choice Award."
"On a Tuesday in October, windows of neighboring houses opened their mouths into midnight air. A girl and a boy put their legs through and crawled out like spiders.  They met and tangled their fingers into each other’s warmth." 

Yellow Bird House

Fiction piece published online by Gingerbread House and nominated for the 2016 Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net Awards.
"On 43rd street, a yellow house sits like an egg, waiting to hatch a new family. For the past few weeks, the newly married have tried naked and naked again but the wife remains un-pregnant."